All you need is a desire to feel good from the inside out

Welcome to One Positive Mind Yoga 
At One Positive Mind Yoga we are committed to bringing the most authentic yoga to you. Looking to get your sweat on? Great. Looking to transform your body and your mind? You've found your home. Mats, props, & water provided. 


Yoga is a journey of the self, through to self, to the self. 
We welcome you to be an active member of our growing community.

The costs of our classes grant us the ability to provide a safe and sacred space for you, filled with devoted yogis passionate about helping you transform your body and mind, and connecting you to your highest self. We also provide the basics: mats, props, water, and an amazing time.  

We do not give out physical cards. All information is stored within our Mind Body Software. All class can be booked through the Mind Body website.

We have membership and class pass options available: 

Memberships auto-renew each month on the date you start with NO MINIMUM commitment. You can cancel your membership at any time! If you decide to terminate your membership please give us 7 days notice. Our memberships are super flexible! You can upgrade or downgrade levels from month to month or pay for additional classes (drop ins or a 10 class pass) if you are going over your monthly classes Please note, we cannot refund membership payments that have already been made. 

If you need to cancel your membership please email

About the different styles
All of our classes are designed for ALL LEVELS - ALL BODIES 

Vinyasa Yoga:

"Vinyasa" is a Sanskrit term meaning most literally "to place in a special way". In the context of a yoga class, it refers to the linking of poses with movement coordinated with the breath. Vinyasa sequences are often referred to simply as "flows", which is indicative of the steady and continuous shifting between poses. The classes are often seen in the context of 'phases', starting in a grounded and stable position, building to a peak requiring vigor and balance, and then releasing into a final state of rest. In a broader sense, Vinyasa yoga seeks to bring the practitioners focus to the rhythms and sequences that exist all around them in the natural world and their own mind.
 Slow Flow
A Vinyasa class designed to warm up your body, with the focus on  linking breath with movement. You will learn basic poses and proper alignment with lots of individual attention.  Expect reclining, seated, kneeling, and standing postures; breath work (pranayama), and meditative elements to renew and restore the mind-body connection.
Yin Yoga:
Yin is the practice of letting go of what we’re holding onto physically, mentally and emotionally. Students are guided into meditation followed by long-held, grounded poses intended to slowly release the connective tissue while observing the natural breath. This practice challenges students to go deeper into the body, mind and spirit but is appropriate for all levels of fitness. 
Restorative Yoga:
Restorative yoga is a practice focused on nervous system, specifically targeting the adrenal glands, which produce the stress hormone cortisol. By fully supporting our bodies with props, the mind can then take its focus to the nervous system, slowing down the production of cortisol. This practice is deeply meditative and healing for all.
The Dream Team
The people that make this dream a reality:
Angelique Flynn
Alexis Cotton
Studio Location: 
We are located at a residential property behind the Investors Bank, on the corner of Mill and Main Street.
THE STUDIO IS IN THE BACK!  Please do not park in the bank's parking lot. There is public parking on Main Street, and also a large parking lot next to the park behind the studio. Simply follow the road from the bank's parking lot around, or it can be reached by Race Street.