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Self Care Summer 
May 29th
June 12th
June 26th 
This Summer is about you! 
May 29th - Natural solutions
Develop easy daily habits to bring into your home. Eliminating toxins, enriching the lives of you & your family.
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Optional Make & Take: Immune Support roller ball $10

June 12th - Emotional Health
Life tosses us a lot. Bringing up emotions we may not quite understand or know how to cope with. This class is all about exploring safe & easy solutions to support our emotions- coping & loving ourselves just as we are.
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Optional Make & Take: “Happy” roller ball blend $10

June 26th - Healthy Habits
Supporting our health at a cellular level can be challenging. Explore how whole food supplements, a balanced diet & developing an at home wellness practice can be simple, safe and best of all, effective.
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Optional Make & Take: motivating roller ball blend $10
The Rosie Yogis
Monday-Thursday 9:00am-12:00pm 
July 1st-4th
July 15th-18th
August 5th-8th
August 19th-22nd
Ages 8-13
The Rosie Yogis: All Girls Summer Yoga Camp
The Rosie Yogis: All Girls Summer Yoga Camp
Monday through Thursday 9:00-12:00pm
July 1st-4th
July 15th-18th 
Aug. 5th-8th
Aug. 19th-22nd
Each week your child will be participating in fun yoga classes, learning meditation & mindfulness, spending time in nature, creating crafts and playing music! They will learn tips on handling stressful situations, how to set goals, how to feel confident and live a happy life, and so much more! Our goal at One Positive Mind is to arm your child with the tools they need to feel good about themselves so they can excel in all areas of their life. 
This group is lead by Children's Yoga Instructor & Owner of One Positive Mind: Sophia DiTanna. Sophia was trained by Next Generation Yoga and is passionate about teaching kids about themselves and the world around them. She believes this is a perfect age for your child to learn crucial tools to help them deal with the pressures of school, friends, and life! She is happy to answer any questions: 609-744-5353
1 child:
1 week- $125 (save $25)
2 children:
1 week: $200 
After June 1st: 1 child
1 week: $150
 2 children:
1 week: $250 

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Sophia DiTanna 
5 Mill Street 
Southampton, NJ 08088 

We are located at a residential property behind the Investors Bank, on the corner of Mill and Main Street. Please do not park in the bank's parking lot. There is public parking on Main Street, and also a large lot next to the park behind the studio. Simply follow the road from the bank's parking lot around, or it can be reached by Race Street.