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One Positive MindOUR MISSION

At One Positive Mind, we believe by raising our vibrations and awareness we can bring healing to our body and mind. We currently offer alternative methods to release childhood traumas, eliminate phobias, raise your energy and much more! Come change your life from the inside out. Discover and recover yourself!


Rather than tying to alleviate the symptoms of something you struggle with, Hypnocounseling goes to the source of a problem with the goal of removing it. If you are anxious, for example, Hypnotherapy wonít just advise you on how to live with that emotion, but rather it aims to unveil why you are anxious and overcome the thought pattern altogether.

The mind holds on to certain experiences during our early years of development which contribute to our current belief systems and thought patterns. As we grow older and experience new things we also create new beliefs, however some unwanted patterns linger on a subconscious level. Whether we realize it or not, these are often the beliefs that cause us to act and feel in ways that we donít want to and canít understand.

With Hypnotherapy we can concentrate intensely on a specific problem. By understanding the situation in a new light, we can neutralize its negative effects on us and allow the mind to accept new positive suggestions that will stimulate your physical or emotional goals.


Reiki is a hands on healing technique working from the principle that the practitioner can channel universal energy to patient through touch, to aid in the patient's natural healing processes. It is an excellent relaxation method that helps to restore the physical and emotional well-being of the patient.

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